Monday, September 30, 2013

Pencil Pouch Time

Jack's pencil pouch for this school year ripped already so Momma made him a new one! He chose the Family Guy fabric and I did my best to make it boyish looking. He was able to fit everything in it and said he loved it. Thank goodness I bought a million zippers at Fabric Depot last year when they were on sale for 25 cents each!

I'll be quilting the newest skateboard quilt today. Really loving this one. Jack wants to keep it. I talked him out of that by throwing out ideas for a new skateboard quilt. It's going to be awesome as Jack chimed in with some really creative thoughts. Can't wait to start it!

That wreath needed some green. I like it better now.

We are getting lots of rain! It's great baking and sewing weather. Jack made pumpkin cookie dough all by himself and I baked a few trays. Duke and I are taking walks in the drizzle. Fall is here.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday Finishes

I've been on a roll this week! I finished some custom orders AND I opened my on line shop on Etsy. I'm sure my friends are shocked, 'cause I've only been talking about doing it for two years!

Finishes feel great!

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And Duke

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Do. Good. Stitches. / Dream Circle

I recently joined the Dream Circle of the charity bee Do. Good. Stitches.. I've wanted to join this bee for over a year, so when Lindsey posted on IG that the circle had an opening, I thought for two seconds and responded. I was sitting at a skatepark in Oregon and just happened to look at IG at that time. Lucky me!

Our circle donates quilts to Project Night Night, voted best children's charity by San Francisco Magazine.

Can you believe the September block request was a Polaroid block using 9 Polaroids? I happened to have them all ready to use.

I also participated in August and made these next two blocks:

Lindsey showed us this progress picture above. (Several stitchers' blocks) I love this quilt.

Project Night Night helps homeless children with a night night package, free of charge. Here is more info I found about this organization on their website.

Thanks to the Dream Circle for the invite to put a passion of mine to good use.


...and Duke...

Friday, September 13, 2013

Polaroids Swapped!

Thanks to all 40 people who mailed me a package of Polaroids to swap for new ones. What fun I had seeing all of the variations....all 1,500 of them! Yesterday I mailed all of the swapped block packages back to you and posted on Instagram about all of the dirty looks I got at the post office. People are usually so kind in my town. Not so when one enters our "not so well staffed" post office with a huge bag of 30+ smaller bags, each of which needing to be weighed. They got over it! (At one point I apologized to them and humbly asked if they would smile for a picture for my smiles...oh come on people!)

I'm happy because my boys are happy with their new school adventures this year. Mitch will pledge a fraternity tonight though I'm not sure how he will fit that into his jam packed schedule. I love this picture from the summer of him jumping "seaweed" on the beach with friends. A care package of lemon bars is on it's way to Salem. Jack really likes changing classes in middle school. Love this photo where he is all business up top and wild "Hawaiian print and stripes" socks on the bottom.

I've been making key fobs like a mad woman. I had visions of selling them but I keep giving them away! :-)

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Road trip to Idaho

Jack and I squeezed in an out of town vacation to Moscow, Idaho, home of my dear friend, Sheri, who I have known since the first grade. We crafted and went to skateparks ~ our favorite activities! Jack and I stopped at two more skateparks on the drive home (Colfax and Ellensburg). There was a rodeo in Ellensburg and I almost didn't make it out of that town alive with all the crazy cowboy drivers! Lord have mercy! I made Sheri a fabric scrap wreath while passing time at Lewiston and Moscow skateparks. There is a tutorial for these on PSIQuilt. Sheri made the monster wreath for me. I love it! We toured both the University of Idaho (Sheri's husband, Tim, is the Assistant Coach of the basketball team) and also WSU, where so many of my Gig Harbor friends went to college. While at WSU we delivered a care package to Henry, a close friend of my older son, Mitch, and had ice cream at Ferdinand's which the Cougs say is a must.

Volleyball is the sport of choice for Sheri's daughters and we attended her oldest daughter, Taylor's, first Varsity game - they won. That girl can spike a ball! Ashley made the A team which was another cause for celebration! Jack entertained the crowd by playing the "in between matches spectator game" of serving the ball over the net to try and land on a tshirt on the floor (on the other side of the net). He served it -- and hit the lady ref that stands on the ladder by the net. Whoops! His big bow afterwards and the cheering from the student section made me want to fall into a hole!!! That kid!

I'm on a roll with making the drawstring bags (pattern here and whipped up two for Sheri's daughters with fabric I brought with me. I managed to take over the dining room with a sewing machine and ironing board. Maybe Tim was glad to see me go?!

We loved the dogs and I got a kick out of Boo the cat. I would be looking at my iPad, and a cat face would bend its way from the back of the screen around to the front, looking at me. Hello kitty! There was also a bunny and a gerbil. Taylor wants to be a veterinarian.

We laughed, we went on walks, we shopped and made huge messes in the kitchen cooking and baking - we had a great time!

It was great to see Duke when we got home. Oh...and Jon! :-) A nice steak dinner was waiting for us. <3

Polaroid Swap Update: I had 18 new packages when I got home! I will start the swapping tomorrow. Congratulations to Katelyn Vawter who won the third weekly #fabricpolaroids prize ~ the drawstring bag pattern above, donated to our swap by Jeni at InColorOrder. I have updated IG #fabricpolaroids with more pics of some of the Polaroids sent in for the swap. Those following the swap here on the blog feel free to email me if you have sent a package and haven't heard from me. I've tried to send emails confirming receipt.