Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer fun

Ah summer, the most beautiful time of the year in our PNW harbor town. Last night was the first of this summer's concert in the park. Lawn chairs were being left in the park starting in the early afternoon. I saw some quilts left on the ground, too. (Gasp!) This is a relatively safe place to leave your belongings, but a quilt? :-)

A new skatepark opened a few towns away and Jack loves it. He took a good spill and has a "concrete tattoo" under his eye. It's all part of the fun. He wears elbow and knee pads and a helmet - but no cheek pad! We had a day of skating with his skater friends hitting 5 parks in the Seattle area. It was lots of fun!

His skateboard quilt is almost done. I've quilted it throughout on my machine and now I'm hand stitching around each board. The binding is ready. We took his newest skater friend some tall socks and a skate brand hat as a birthday gift for his recent slumber party. I made the pillow case in the first photo to put the gifts in. The boy was on Jack's baseball team so we combined baseball and skateboarding in his pillow case. Another boy on the team wants to start skateboarding with Jack, too. I love it that Jack's enthusiasm for skating carries over to his friends.

Mitch is looking so old! He grows a beard better than many "men" I know!

My month to receive blocks from the other gals in my sewing bee is just around the corner. (August) I am thinking about posting a tutorial here for the skateboard block and having that be the bee block in girly colors for this skater Mom. That could be fun! Anyone want a tutorial on a skateboard quilt? As my good friend Kristasaid - it could become the latest Katy Jonesquilt along!! Ok, now I'm dreaming!!!

Oh wait! We need a picture or two of Duke!

<3. Kris

Monday, June 17, 2013

Gifted Teacher

Tomorrow our elementary school chapter of life comes to a close. We gave Jack's teacher her quilt today. She loved it. She didn't love the blue icing that was on my hand from cutting the class cake, which got on the quilt! We promptly wet paper towels and blotted it out. Why me?!

Now back to the skateboard quilt. I hope to finish it by this Friday which is "National Go Skateboard Day."


Friday, June 7, 2013

Stitch that Stash finished blocks for Krista!

Lots of fan spirit at Jack's playoff game last night! I enjoyed contributing A's flags that I whipped up using grill skewers and felt. I also made some double decker cookies for the after game snack. Older brother Mitch rallied some friends to make posters and do face painting. We were quite a site! The guys held a poster up on the field for the team to run through at the start of the game. Go A's!

Sadly, the A's fell to the Rockies....but what a fun night.

My sewing bee blocks for Krista are complete! I used some Heather Ross fabric with dogs on it, one of which looks like her dog, Lucy!

Darn that little thread....but you get the idea.

I really love being in a sewing bee. Every month brings a new block for an on-line friend. I love adding "extras" in my box 'cause it's fun to shop for little surprises! here's a link to all of our blocks!

I have a surprise in store for Jack's teacher. We have a week and a half left of school. Gotta' get busy...

And finally, I've lost 20 pounds! Yippee! I'm using some great nutrition/weight loss products, eating well and walking. I feel great! If you want to try the products let me know and I can hook you up. I've tried all kinds of diets and work out programs in my life and this by far has worked the best for me. Time for new clothes. :-). I've lost 20 pounds in 28 days. I still have 17 days to go of dropping weight. Then I'll be adding in more work outs and weights.

Happy Friday!

<3 Kris

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Maritime Gig Festival

My favorite weekend of the year in Gig Harbor is our festival weekend, leading up to the Blessing of the Fleet as our fishermen leave for salmon fishing in Alaska. It all begins with the town parade which passes by our house.

Duke followed me in and out of the house as I served mimosas. He was exhausted and took a nap on his porch bed.

Along with the children's entertainment in the park, this year we had a car show, too.

The Blessing of the Fleet is such a beautiful time. There is a procession from a church up the hill, down to the park, then out on the docks to the fishing boats. The bagpipe players add a wonderful ambiance.

Our skateboard shop is located in the heart of downtown. My husband and sons built and painted this bench the day before the parade. I love it!

I'm working on a back for Jack's skateboard quilt. This is the upper left portion.

And I'd like to make Jack's teacher a nautical patchwork quilt for an end of year gift. I have 16 days!

<3 Kris