Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitchen Curtains

I made my first set of curtains and I'm so excited that a/ I finished something b/ they fit the length of the window and c/ I love them! They are 2.5 inch squares and took FOREVER to stitch up. I kept starting new projects too, which didn't help!

Here are some pics of the new curtains, followed by a "before" pic of the curtain that was hanging in the window. I feel like the kitchen has a whole new vibe! I didn't back the patchwork panels so the sun shines thru like stained glass. Oh, I haven't hemmed that shear and so I tied it. It may stay that way. ;-)

Duke says hi!


Saturday, July 28, 2012

A new quilt top

I have plugged away at the diamond quilt and it's all put together as a quilt top now. I love it! The size I made is on the small side, so I have an idea of how I will make the top larger. I consulted with Jack, my 10 year old color expert, and we've agreed that a solid magenta is needed to box in what I have. The pattern is by Jennifer from That Girl That Quilt and I am a pattern tester. It's so modern! I think she has a winner here.

Speaking of Jack ~ he met Tony Hawk this week. Ok "met" might be a strong word.... Stood next to! Tony Hawk and his skate crew Birdhouse were in Seattle, a must see for our skateboarding family. Ok I didn't go..but I was so excited for my husband and boys! I needed some "time away from a skatepark" that day. We have been to one every day for a few weeks now. (including that day, in the morning.) It's how my summer's go, and I love it. Jack dreams of being a pro skater and tells me I'm "helping his career" by taking him to the skatepark every day. Who am I to crush his dream! Next week we will check out Delridge Park in West Seattle.

I'm back to sewing the gingham curtains for the kitchen. The panels are done, and they are plenty wide but too short. So, I'll box them in with a solid yellow and pretend like that was the plan all along.

:-) Kris

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chalk the Walk ~ Artsy weekend

Forgot to mention I was featured on Quilt Story last Monday! They ran the post about my Mom's quilt. I was so touched! and the date was July 16. Wish I could link up but I'm on my handy dandy IPhone.

It's our Art Festival Weekend in Gig Harbor which means all kinds of booths are set up on the street around the corner. So fun! We also have a Chalk the Walk - anyone can enter. Jack did. Loved it.

I'm still working on the diamond quilt! My oldest asked what happened to the gingham curtains? Silly boy....thought I was going to finish them before starting something new.

Bachlorette finale tonight! I have the DVR set to tape in case I end up at the skate park, which is almost always the case, at least once, every day!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Busy Summer

I haven't blogged much lately. I admit, I've become an instagram addict. (follow me @dukesayssewwhat) It's so easy and fast and I enjoy the brief conversations with my new sewing friends. @kristastitched and @schnitzelandboo to name a couple!

I also follow @jefholm from The Bachlorette. There! I said it! I find his life so interesting! He's 28, raised Mormon, started his own company People Water "for every bottle purchased People Water will give an equal amount of clean water to a person in need." He means permanently in digging wells in other countries. He that! And he seems like an all around good person. Sunday night is the finale people! It's down to Jef and Arie. I'm hoping it's Emily and Jef.

When I'm not obsessing over instagram I have been watching Jack skateboard, refill his Gatorade cooler, (love the powder mix- we carry gallons of water in the car), taking cool pics of the new tricks he is mastering, and working on my half hexies (English paper piecing). Yesterday we checked out Bainbridge Island's skatepark. It was fantastic weather (70) and Duke enjoyed the day with us.

I'm honored to be a pattern tester for Jennifer at "thatgirlthatquilt" and when I can actually use the sewing machine I've been knocking out some diamonds. I love the modern look of them! I even made my own spray starch today to keep 'em crisp!!

My oldest, Mitch, has formed a new jazz band and I am loving their music. Mitch plays stand up bass guitar. They've had some professional photos done so I'll include a few here. We listened to them at Open Mic night this week and I thought they sounded like the "feature" act! :-) yes...spoken like a mother..

Jack's still drawing. Here's today's "eye". He signs his work "JC" which cracks me up. His alter ego...

Mitch leaves for college next month. Savoring our time at home and making a list of his "favorites" for care packages. He's taking the quilt I made him for his dorm room bed cover.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catching Up

When I blog from my iPhone, the pics come up in random order ~ sorry! So here's a bit of randomness....

Is anyone else a Jef fan? I hope Emily choses him! Or I'll cry!! His company, People Water, looks really cool, too.

Duke sat in the yard waiting for hubby to walk home from work ~ great photo op for Duke!

My sk8 park half hexies are coming along, not sure what they will become, still.

I have a "plan" for the curtains. They are sewn in rows, waiting for me to have sewing time! :-(

Elvis is alive! yep he performed at our summer concert series in the park here in downtown Gig Harbor. I was in the front row. He stepped on Jon's (hubby) skateboard and smiled at us!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer time projects

We are finally getting our summer here in the PNW and trips to skate parks are frequent. Luckily I have my "boredom emergency craft pack" ready to go for these trips! I've also laid out my first of two panels for the kitchen curtains. Gonna be cute! Now it's in rows ready to sew. Duke is not used to the warmer weather and pants a lot on our walks. You would hate me if I told you the temp on today's walk. Ok, it was 67. But it felt hotter with all that shiny sun we are having!! :-). Jack's been drawing so much! And he's become a card magic trick addict. I am the audience. It's exhausting! :-p

Hope those of you having a heat wave are staying cool indoors!


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Project Gingham Reveal + Happy 4th!

Today is Project Gingham reveal day!  I was inspired (as always) by Amanda Jean at crazymomquiltswhen she posted this ticker tape on canvas project last month.  I have been working on sewing 2.5 inch squares (tons of them) to make kitchen curtains using my gingham and since they aren't even close  quite done yet I tackled this project.  I just love it!  This is a smaller flat piece of canvas that I glued a ribbon on for hanging.

Confident that I knew what I was doing, I moved on to this larger canvas! 

Thank you to the hosts for sending me some gingham to play with!  kristastitched awarded her gingham package to me and I was thrilled!  She has made a stacked coin gingham quilt top that you should go check out next.  Krista also has a list of the participating bloggers, so that you can jump around and look at all kinds of gingham projects.

If you are looking for a project you can do in a day - maybe even with your kids - grab a glue stick, some modge podge, and some canvas and start creating!  The canvas is on sale at JoAnn Fabrics this week.  I got three big ones (11 x 14) for $8.  I found modge podge at Michael's a few weeks ago.  A big bottle was $6.  I used my shears to cut around the fabrics.

Happy 4th of July!!
(Duke's least favorite holiday of the year. 
The fireworks popping and booming scare the poor guy!)