Thursday, September 27, 2012

Really Random Thursday

It's really random Thursday over at Live a Colorful Life.As I was making another pouch, I decided to try some new quilting. I did some big circles that resemble the solar system.

And some straight line quilting that gradually gets bigger! I'll be hand stitching those stars on next then a little echo stitching should look good!

Similar to this echo stitching and maybe a few rows of it.

'Cause I'm doing a pouch swap with Krista and I want to master the whole pouch making thing so that she will like what I end up sending her! Based on Instagram, I think she liked the last one! Thanks for the love Krista!

Speaking of love.....I love Duke! We went to the dog park today and he didn't want to leave! I had to get in the car and start backing up for him to come running. He's like a kid!

This kid can't get enough of skateparks. We're heading out of town after school to his favorite park.

Where I am sure I will be checking out your great photos on Instagram. You ARE on IG, right?! Come join the fun!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I made jam this morning with my pear/plum sauce! I still have more fruit in buckets. This is crazy, but fun! I also picked blackberries and blueberries and froze them. I just love free fruit! Who doesn't?

Our sunny, warm weather continues and both jack and duke are enjoying being outdoors. I'm paper piecing diamonds at the skatepark for another pouch.

Duke used his bed today! He was worn out after our walk. He's losing some of that puppy energy. Finally - he IS 7!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zippers don't scare me anymore!

Today I finished my first open mouth zippered pouch! The pattern is from Noodlehead. It's so easy to follow!

I also gave Christie's baked donuts a try this morning and they were a hit! The link to her recipe is in my last post. I used my pear-plum sauce where she used apple sauce. I didn't have apple cider so used water. The sauce is so sweet and fresh (made yesterday) that they came out great! Thanks Christie!

I hope to make jam this afternoon but I'm at the laundromat doing 6 loads so we will see! I have lots more fruit to peel, which takes the longest of the jam making process.

Oh, another use for the fruit, a dessert of course. My family is in heaven over all of this baking. :-) needless to say, I was determined to get in an hour long walk with my BFF last night!

And Dancing with the Stars is back...Whoo hooo!

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sew Modern Monday

We have had an abundance of fruit, I can hardly keep up with it! I've been sewing and picking fruit for days now! I discovered that peeled and cored plums and pears, put together in the crockpot with a bit of cinnamon, make a great sauce!

I need to come up with more ideas though. Any suggestions are appreciated!
I have plums, pears, blackberries and blueberries. I'll use the tomatoes for salsa.

Edited to add: I'm making jam! I also will be making Christie's baked donuts!

There are still so many plums on the ground and in our trees!

We have had a beautiful Summer, and Fall is starting off sunny and warm! Duke even went for a swim this morning.

Such a pretty day for photos.

I finished another kindle case. This one is for my Dad. He has the first generation kindle so the length is a bit longer. I think he will get a kick out of this. He doesn't know it's coming in the mail.

I also spent some more time with this. I'm trying to put aside a few things for my Etsy store that I still haven't opened. I hope to soon.

I've spent some time on Pinterest creating a Doctor Who board. My college freshman is a big fan and my soon to be 11 year old is just getting into it. We plan to make it the theme of his birthday slumber party in late October. I'll be making all kinds of things: a tardis banner, party sacks, fish fingers and custard, sonic screwdriver snacks, Jammie dodgers, adipose plushy, what ELSE am I forgetting? My goal is to get a refrigerator box to make a tardis for the front door! Oh- bow ties for everyone of course. We need Doctor Who theme music for Sprite pong (unrelated but Jack discovered this game over the summer). Which episode to watch later that night? The main feature of Jack's party is a trip to the local Haunted House. This was a big hit last year. So stay tuned for party planning updates!

I'm linking up to Megan at Sew Modern Monday!

....and if you are in need of a Duke "fix" keep reading the next post is dedicated to Duke!


Duke's summer in pictures

Duke had a great summer and wanted to document it in photos. He went to skateparks, swam in the harbor, spent lots of time on the front porch, and took lots of naps! He had eggs in the mornings and enjoyed a few puppy lattes at Starbucks. He loved to carry his dog treats around with him and was seen sleeping with it. He was also caught with dirt on his nose after burying one in the yard. He loved getting a new scarf on since it meant we were going on a walk or to the dog park. He was a big helper with the making of the rug and modeling the rug. He did some sun bathing and hung out by the grill whenever it was in use. He didn't care for the t-shirt cape.

Now that Fall is here, a summer recap is in order. Without further delay......heeeeere's Duke!