Thursday, September 27, 2012

Really Random Thursday

It's really random Thursday over at Live a Colorful Life.As I was making another pouch, I decided to try some new quilting. I did some big circles that resemble the solar system.

And some straight line quilting that gradually gets bigger! I'll be hand stitching those stars on next then a little echo stitching should look good!

Similar to this echo stitching and maybe a few rows of it.

'Cause I'm doing a pouch swap with Krista and I want to master the whole pouch making thing so that she will like what I end up sending her! Based on Instagram, I think she liked the last one! Thanks for the love Krista!

Speaking of love.....I love Duke! We went to the dog park today and he didn't want to leave! I had to get in the car and start backing up for him to come running. He's like a kid!

This kid can't get enough of skateparks. We're heading out of town after school to his favorite park.

Where I am sure I will be checking out your great photos on Instagram. You ARE on IG, right?! Come join the fun!



  1. Hahaha I'm you're IG stalker! You're being rad creative with those pouches, rock on!

  2. Your quilting is perfect! Those are going to look great with the echo stitching.

  3. IG is SO addicting!! I'm in awe of your circle quilting. Cool pouch for sure!