Sunday, September 9, 2012


I made a braided rug with my MIL! I'll post about it this week. During the photo shoot I put it on the porch and Duke walked right over and sat down on it. Then he held still for photos!

The box for Mitch arrived in Salem yesterday, but the school mail center was closed. Say what?! So tomorrow it is! I hope to receive pictures of college kids in party hats but is that just wishful thinking? ( Mitch's roommate's birthday is tomorrow, see last post.) We had our weekly chat with Mitch tonight and he is loving his University. He signed up for about 10 clubs and he was elected "Eastside Representative at large" and was chosen as Freshmen Rep on the Alumni Board. Oh and he likes his classes. His favorite is Philosophy. I want to go to college again!

I stitched the felted felt on the pretty pouch.

Kris <3 br="br">


  1. Ahh how perfect!!
    I've been wanting to make a raggy rug for ages, do tell!!

  2. Love the rug and the "felty" pouch!