Saturday, September 1, 2012

End of Summer

I'm back!  Moving our oldest son, Mitch, to his college dorm was traumatic for me!  The good news is I didn't fall apart until we were back at home.  He loves Willamette University. He says it is "amazing" - loves his dorm, his roommate, the campus.  He bought his books, went to class, changed 3 of them, returned books, got new ones and is off and running! His latest text said "Philosophy Major" so I asked him what books (so I could read them) and he said Meno by Plato was one.  I skimmed it on my IPhone and decided the Spark notes might be more for me!! 

Phil (left) and Mitch - Dorm Roommates

Just after moving in.  I wonder if it still looks like this?
On our way home to WA from OR we stopped at skate parks so that our younger son, Jack, could have his own skating vacation.

These three pictures were taken at Burnside in Portland, OR.  It's  under a bridge. That skeleton face is on my list of "next quilts".  
This is Battle Ground Skate Park in Battle Ground, WA.
The "full pipe" at Pier Park in OR.
Woodland Park in WA.
Since we've been back from this trip my in-laws have been here.  My MIL is a quilter so fabric shopping had to happen. :)

With Jack back to school after the Labor Day weekend, I plan to get back to my many WIPS and more regular blogging!
I'm off to catch up on what you all have been up to!
Kris.....and Duke!


  1. Awwww. Been there and I know that bittersweet feeling. Happy for them but feeling a hole in the old heart. This year my son got a car and drove off for school all by himself while I stood in the driveway and watched him go. I think that was harder ....

  2. Looks completely fantastic for Jack, and glad Mitch has settled in - I am dreading that day, and our eldest won't be heading off for another 11 years!!!

  3. Just started reading your blog...LOVE IT! I have a "Milly" to match your "Duke". Those skateparks really look cool, love the graffiti!