Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hand Quilting Skater Mom

One of my summer skatepark projects has been to hand quilt the quilt I made in a QAL with Just a Bit Frayed. I've finished the quilting! I'll be attaching the binding soon and plan to sell this one. I love it though so its hard to part with it. So maybe I won't. :-) Can you relate?

I've gone back to hand quilting the prism quilt when I'm logging hours at the skatepark. This quilt was also part of a QAL and my family loves it's size. It is used daily on the couch. Here it is draped over my lawn chair.

I saw a battery operated sewing machine on Instagram today and thought...I could use this on the picnic bench at the skatepark! Ha! Jack said, "Are you really gonna do that?" Poor kid, I think I frightened him.

Duke is using his porch bed in the house now. It's funny to see since he has been laying beside it on the floor for months.

Well two more days until we move our son to his college dorm. Such an exciting time!



  1. I love the hand quilting! gorgeous!

  2. beautiful, Kris! Love that you quilt at the skate park, that's too good.