Friday, August 17, 2012

First son flys the coop

I love a blog post full of photos. Do you? Hope so cause here we go.

Our oldest, Mitch, is off to college next week. He is ready and I'm so proud of him. He is a smart, confident, funny, wise, compassionate, great son. His car, not so great...more of a take a spin around town car with a push start needed from time to time. So he sold it. Tonight he is visiting the Apple store with big plans! He will be a 3 hour train ride away in Salem, Oregon. The train stops AT his campus ( Willamette University ). It's a small private school. He hopes to play stand up bass in the jazz group, get involved with campus leadership and play inter mural frisbee. He will room with a friend from high school. He may pursue an economics major and go to their law school. Thats the talk of today, anyway. I've got a list going of care package ideas. Ive promised not to embarrass him on move in day by talking and laughing too loudly. I think we are all ready for the move.

The house will feel so empty when he is gone.



  1. oh, Kris! He looks more than ready, and will have a blast, surely. What a neat old car, though, was it sad for him to let it go? Love all your pictures, your life looks so divine :D

  2. I love to see cherished children! He will do great.

  3. Hi Kris! That will be a big change in your family! All the best for your son!
    But you know what to do when you miss him and feel the home strange and empty - sew with Duke! x Teje

  4. Congratulations! I remember when my girls went off to school. Care packages were the most fun to send. Don't forget to include microwave popcorn. My girls just loved it. I always included gift cards to local area restaurants too.

  5. I hope the move goes smoothly for him (and you!) - my mam cried all the way back after dropping me off the first time! (She soon got over it though - they replaced me with a dog!!)