Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween pillowcase and Duke <3


Happy Halloween! Jack has a surprise pillowcase waiting for him when he gets home from 5th grade festivities at school today. Duke followed me to the picture taking area so I included him in the shot. He was thrilled (and did as he was told.....sit!.../stay!)

He does not care for the fake pumpkin. I think it scares him!

So I snuck it in over on the side. This fabric is actually panels (as I was told at the cutting table at Fabric Depot in Portland). Who cares! I think it makes a fun pillow case all together.

Getting braver here. I backed it with a Kona purple. It hasn't been washed. I think it will work out to a good size for a king size pillow. I just love holiday pillowcases! I asked my 18 year old college freshman if he wanted one and he said "no thanks". Imagine that! I think I will HAVE to make him a Christmas one, don't ya' think?

And here's Jack's carved pumpkin. He was going for the artistic touch. My husband says, "Does the light show through?" Sshhhhh! We are supporting creativity here! "No, it's not supposed to," I say, while Jack beams proudly at the work he has done. :-)

It was a rainy, hot chocolate, pumpkin carving kind of day. We loved it.

In other news, do you play "draw something"? This was my recent pic. Can you guess what word I was drawing? 5 letters! It's an app on the IPhone/iPad. Look me up if you want to play! "Kris Coulombe"

Here's my latest fabric pull for a value quilt I would like to make! The first tutorial can be found today at stitchedincolor.comShe calls it her Value Dance Quilt. Gorgeous! Rachel always gives great directions, too.
Happy Halloween!

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctor Who Birthday Party

I survived a sleepover! And so did the boys!

Jack's Doctor Who themed 11th birthday slumber party (for 6 boys) with a trip to a Haunted House was last night!

After having made a tardis pillowcase recently I felt more than prepared to make a tardis cake and party bags! The cake was a brownie - per jack's request. Jack helped me make the icing and then did the honors of drawing the black line down the middle himself.

Fellow blogger friend- Hadley - mentioned fish fingers and custard. Ok let's do that too! While my husband took a carload of kids to the haunted house, in the rain, I whipped up some custard!

Other highlights included Sprite pong and Gangnum Style dancing. We started Doctor Who episodes at 11pm with a midnight fish fingers and custard treat. I crashed at 1am but the party kept going. The house didn't burn down AND there were no trips to the ER. A success!

Did I mention I had a head ache today? Good thing there was wine at the baby shower! My girlfriend loved the Cougar backed patchwork quilt.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quilt Festival

I am entering my Bust Yo Scraps quilt in The Bloggers' Quilt Festival. Thank you Amy for hosting another festival! This quilt represents the hand quilting that I finished at skateparks over the summer. The scraps include charm packs, scraps from other quilts, some old clothes and some thrifted sheets! I did all of the hand quilting sitting under a nice shady tree or at a picnic table while my youngest son skateboarded everyday. (His passion)

The piecing of those blocks took me several months on and off. Since I couldn't decide between yellow and turquoise for the solid color, I used both in alternating blocks.

I backed it with this fabulous thrifted sheet. Since most of my fabrics were smaller pieces, I decided to bind it with the sheet as well.

I used a new binding method, ironing it like this, then sewing it one time by machine catching both the front and the back at the same time. It worked well!

Here it is on the picnic table at the skate park! I hand quilted inside the snowball and square shapes using my big quilt loom that was given to me by my MIL.

Skater dude Jack, loving life!

I think it is the perfect size for a toddler bed for a little girl!

The quilt measures 50" square
It was pieced and machine and hand quilted by me.
Best category: scrap quilt, hand quilted quilt, baby quilt

Now I'm off to decorate a big brownie like a police box for Jack's Doctor Who themed Birthday Party! I'll post Tardis pictures next time.


Friday, October 26, 2012

Finish it up Friday Baby Quilt

A friend of mine is having a baby boy. Her baby shower is Sunday. Of course I had to make a quilt. The parents are both WA Cougar fans and this is their first boy after having two girls. Those of us with boys are so happy to welcome her to the Mother of boys club! I went with Cougar colors and a masculine patchwork. Here it is!

As usual, my design wall was the back door. I must have moved those squares around a dozen times before I settled on this randomness with a bit of a pattern. Once these rows were sewn together, I quilted them on some batting.

Right sides together, I sewed around the edges leaving a hole for turning.

Then closed the hole with a 1/4 inch stitch that went all the way around the quilt for a nice finished edge. It's so cuddly! I can't wait to snuggle with a baby boy inside of it!

Someone couldn't be bothered to join me in the sewing room. By the way, see his bed on the floor and his body on the chair?!

The other day I saw him doing this.

"This" didn't even lure him up on the bed.

He knew he would get it anyway!!

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Happy Friday! Kris

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Random Thursday

My boy turned 11 yesterday! Jack is the baby in the family. He came along 8 years after Mitch. He is such a joy!

Yep I found another use for my AMH felt garland! (It's a tutorial on her blog.) So the front window is all decorated for Jack!

It's even festive on the inside.

The birthday boy took in donuts for his class treat. I was even "on the ball" and ordered them the day before so they were iced and decorated in birthday sprinkles. Gosh this was such an easy birthday treat. No killing myself the night before in the kitchen. :)

These boys are so much fun! I came in for lunch and brought one of Jack's best friends, who is home schooled. Jack was completely surprised!

I even managed a shot of the "surprised face".

Just in case I forgot, jack left me this message on my IPad.

Crazy socks are his thing right now. And Nike elites. Why couldn't I have come up with $15 socks that every boy wants in multiple colors?

Fall is here in the PNW. Gray clouds, a little rain and cooler temps. Bring it on!

It's great napping and sewing weather!

Gathering pumpkin decorating ideas! Which reminds me, Jack's Doctor Who birthday with a trip to the local Haunted House is this weekend! We will have 6 boys sleeping over. Save me - what have I done?!

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