Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween pillowcase and Duke <3


Happy Halloween! Jack has a surprise pillowcase waiting for him when he gets home from 5th grade festivities at school today. Duke followed me to the picture taking area so I included him in the shot. He was thrilled (and did as he was told.....sit!.../stay!)

He does not care for the fake pumpkin. I think it scares him!

So I snuck it in over on the side. This fabric is actually panels (as I was told at the cutting table at Fabric Depot in Portland). Who cares! I think it makes a fun pillow case all together.

Getting braver here. I backed it with a Kona purple. It hasn't been washed. I think it will work out to a good size for a king size pillow. I just love holiday pillowcases! I asked my 18 year old college freshman if he wanted one and he said "no thanks". Imagine that! I think I will HAVE to make him a Christmas one, don't ya' think?

And here's Jack's carved pumpkin. He was going for the artistic touch. My husband says, "Does the light show through?" Sshhhhh! We are supporting creativity here! "No, it's not supposed to," I say, while Jack beams proudly at the work he has done. :-)

It was a rainy, hot chocolate, pumpkin carving kind of day. We loved it.

In other news, do you play "draw something"? This was my recent pic. Can you guess what word I was drawing? 5 letters! It's an app on the IPhone/iPad. Look me up if you want to play! "Kris Coulombe"

Here's my latest fabric pull for a value quilt I would like to make! The first tutorial can be found today at stitchedincolor.comShe calls it her Value Dance Quilt. Gorgeous! Rachel always gives great directions, too.
Happy Halloween!

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  1. Pishaw to the folks at the store with their "well, that's panels". Now it's a fabulous pillowcase!

    Your older son definitley NEEDS a christmas pillowcase now. I say keep your eyes peeled for some really funky christmas fabric. Go WILD. (maybe even use it to wrap on of his gifts)

  2. I hope there was no pumpkin spray onto that pillow case!!!

  3. Um, yes. Mitch definitely needs a Christmas pillow! I love Jack's pumpkin, what an artist. Your posts make me smile!!