Thursday, October 25, 2012

Really Random Thursday

My boy turned 11 yesterday! Jack is the baby in the family. He came along 8 years after Mitch. He is such a joy!

Yep I found another use for my AMH felt garland! (It's a tutorial on her blog.) So the front window is all decorated for Jack!

It's even festive on the inside.

The birthday boy took in donuts for his class treat. I was even "on the ball" and ordered them the day before so they were iced and decorated in birthday sprinkles. Gosh this was such an easy birthday treat. No killing myself the night before in the kitchen. :)

These boys are so much fun! I came in for lunch and brought one of Jack's best friends, who is home schooled. Jack was completely surprised!

I even managed a shot of the "surprised face".

Just in case I forgot, jack left me this message on my IPad.

Crazy socks are his thing right now. And Nike elites. Why couldn't I have come up with $15 socks that every boy wants in multiple colors?

Fall is here in the PNW. Gray clouds, a little rain and cooler temps. Bring it on!

It's great napping and sewing weather!

Gathering pumpkin decorating ideas! Which reminds me, Jack's Doctor Who birthday with a trip to the local Haunted House is this weekend! We will have 6 boys sleeping over. Save me - what have I done?!

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  1. Happy belated birthday Jack! Fish fingers and custard are cool!