Sunday, October 28, 2012

Doctor Who Birthday Party

I survived a sleepover! And so did the boys!

Jack's Doctor Who themed 11th birthday slumber party (for 6 boys) with a trip to a Haunted House was last night!

After having made a tardis pillowcase recently I felt more than prepared to make a tardis cake and party bags! The cake was a brownie - per jack's request. Jack helped me make the icing and then did the honors of drawing the black line down the middle himself.

Fellow blogger friend- Hadley - mentioned fish fingers and custard. Ok let's do that too! While my husband took a carload of kids to the haunted house, in the rain, I whipped up some custard!

Other highlights included Sprite pong and Gangnum Style dancing. We started Doctor Who episodes at 11pm with a midnight fish fingers and custard treat. I crashed at 1am but the party kept going. The house didn't burn down AND there were no trips to the ER. A success!

Did I mention I had a head ache today? Good thing there was wine at the baby shower! My girlfriend loved the Cougar backed patchwork quilt.

I'm linking up to Sew Modern Monday since I managed to mention a quilt in this post! :-D



  1. Did they actually eat the fish fingers and custard?! 11 year old boys, silly question really! Sounds like a total success x

  2. Oh my gosh!! Looks like a complete and total blast. Yay! No trips to the ER screams success in my book :D