Monday, October 22, 2012

King Sized Tardis

My oldest son, Mitch, and his new college friend, Cara, are Doctor Who fans. They are fanatics, really. Mitch was brainstorming birthday gift ideas for Cara with me. I was showing Mitch (via picture text messages) a Tardis pillow I saw on line and offered to make one for him to give to Cara. His response: "Can we make that happen, Mom?" So, of course I did! I took a King sized pillow to him that weekend when I visited his campus. Then I had a week to make the pillow case before he visited us for mid-semester break. I finished it while he was here. He folded the case up and off he went with it on the train yesterday!

The police box I saw on line was done with stitching in it. Here was my inspiration.

I decided to go with fabric for the black boxes. I cut the blue fabric to fit the king sized pillow that I bought. Then I just eyeballed all the dimensions for the boxes because I really don't like Math! Once I made one window I drew it 3 times on Wonder Under and ironed it on the white fabric. Then I traced about 4-5 more and cut free hand strips to make the black boxes.

Mitch came up with the idea to write her name in the window that typically has script writing in it.

I stitched around the edges of everything that was ironed on, including all of the letters and the bars in the windows. I spent one evening sketching out the letters, cutting them out, tracing them backwards onto the wander under, ironing on white fabric, cutting them out and ironing them on to the black fabric for the top that says Police Box.

Keep in mind this is stuffed with an older, flat, king sized pillow, for this photo. Hers is new and fluffy!

Oh and we've had our home and porch painted! Yay for a black porch!

Now when Duke sheds his black fur won't show on the porch. :-)

The back has an envelope enclosure about a quarter way from one end.

So yes, in my quest to be "Mother of the year," I believe I scored major points with this deed!

We LOVED having Mitch back at home for a 3 day weekend, even if he was out visiting friends - in my car! What fun to listen to my son tell us about his classes and his new friends. And in a blink of the eye, we are off to the train station.

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  1. That's really cool! You're pretty awesome for making that. She'll love it!

    1. Also, the black porch is pretty cool too! I haven't seen that before. Very nice!

  2. Great pillow! Definitely Mom of the year material.

  3. Love the pillow!! Don't remember how I found your blog, but I love it already :o)

  4. Ack....I just had a dozen pillow cases land on my UFO list! I have a host of Doctor Who Fanatics in the family who will LOVE this! Thanks for sharing it! (Oh, and yours is soooo much better looking than the other one!)