Friday, October 26, 2012

Finish it up Friday Baby Quilt

A friend of mine is having a baby boy. Her baby shower is Sunday. Of course I had to make a quilt. The parents are both WA Cougar fans and this is their first boy after having two girls. Those of us with boys are so happy to welcome her to the Mother of boys club! I went with Cougar colors and a masculine patchwork. Here it is!

As usual, my design wall was the back door. I must have moved those squares around a dozen times before I settled on this randomness with a bit of a pattern. Once these rows were sewn together, I quilted them on some batting.

Right sides together, I sewed around the edges leaving a hole for turning.

Then closed the hole with a 1/4 inch stitch that went all the way around the quilt for a nice finished edge. It's so cuddly! I can't wait to snuggle with a baby boy inside of it!

Someone couldn't be bothered to join me in the sewing room. By the way, see his bed on the floor and his body on the chair?!

The other day I saw him doing this.

"This" didn't even lure him up on the bed.

He knew he would get it anyway!!

I'm linking up to Amanda Jean at Finish it up Friday! at Crazy Mom Quilts

Happy Friday! Kris