Friday, October 5, 2012

Finish it up Friday - diamonds

This week I pulled this quilt out of the WIP stack and added the borders so that I have a finished quilt top! Duke was, as usual, a big help!

The yawning was a sign of what was to come.

"She hasn't kicked me off yet," he notices.

His body begins to crouch down a bit more.....

And he's out!

So the next day (!) I sewed the borders on and gathered some fabrics for the back.

Using my dining room drapes as a design wall, :-D, I asked all my IG friends if I should chop off the ends or leave them wide. The votes came in and it was unanimous - shorten them!

Much better! Hoping to have the back done by next week. I love Finish it up Friday!

As for a true "finish" - I finished this pouch this week. I used the tutorial on Noodlehead for wide open zipper pouch.

There is an EPP diamond star on the front and the back. I even tried circle quilting on the back. I plan to circle quilt the quilt I just mentioned in this post so this was good practice.

Duke is on the lining fabric!

Who could NOT love this guy?!

Flag football has begun and Jack is QB! Go Jack! I love these games.

And it's Parent Weekend at Willamette next weekend......yay!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see my college Freshman (left), Mitch, again! He is still loving college and I'm not texting him every day anymore. Hurray for adjusting! We love Sunday night phone calls, when he catches us up on his week.

Now to visit you all who linked up to Amanda Jean at Finish it Up Friday.go check it out!



  1. Great quilt - the borders are the perfect colour! Love the dog - made me laugh that the borders were added the next day- after his nap hehe!

  2. Your quilt top is fantastic! Shortening the borders was a good call. :) I'm loving those diamonds! And the border color, too.

    Thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  3. Great top. Yes shortening the sides was good. Duke is cute.

  4. Love your top, and Duke is a doll. That was the name of our last dog. :) And how cute is that pouch!!! :)

  5. Great quilt top and pouch; enjoy next weekend x

  6. gorgeous quilt!! and love the pouch!