Saturday, August 4, 2012

T-Shirt Quilts

I've started my first (two) t-shirt quilt. Did some quick reading on line and decided to use the thin Pellon backing, cut in 14 inch squares, and next up, will add sashing. The Cougar quilt is a commissioned quilt (yippee). I've also started Jack's skater t-shirt quilt. Only 2 of his blocks done. I have a huge bag of skater brand t - shirts ( mostly ours from our shop ) ready to cut up.

My latest skate park project is to hand quilt a quilt top that I've had ready to go for some time now. I set up camp in the shade with my iced tea, Pandora tunes on my phone, and a big quilt and hoop in my lap! Hello skater boys! Mom is here!!! Sometimes we share drinks and banana bread with the regulars. I know most all of them. The talent level of these locals is amazing.

Oh, a cut up t-shirt made a great cape for Duke!



  1. I am loving the mad lady under the tree image in my head xxx

    1. That is how I feel sometimes! I have other skater Mom friends so we hang together watching our younger boys. Our kids haven't figured out that's not "cool" yet..ha!

  2. I'm not convinced that Duke is thrilled by his cape ;o)

  3. Love the photo of your quilt in the much great quilting time ahead!