Monday, July 30, 2012

Kitchen Curtains

I made my first set of curtains and I'm so excited that a/ I finished something b/ they fit the length of the window and c/ I love them! They are 2.5 inch squares and took FOREVER to stitch up. I kept starting new projects too, which didn't help!

Here are some pics of the new curtains, followed by a "before" pic of the curtain that was hanging in the window. I feel like the kitchen has a whole new vibe! I didn't back the patchwork panels so the sun shines thru like stained glass. Oh, I haven't hemmed that shear and so I tied it. It may stay that way. ;-)

Duke says hi!



  1. I love these! I'd love to look at those curtains all day :)

  2. They are beautiful! I can see why you love them.

  3. Beautiful. I love how you tied the center panel!

  4. Looking lovely!! I'm getting more and more inspired to make something for my own naked windows each time I see these. Bet they are gorgeous when the sun shines through!