Saturday, July 28, 2012

A new quilt top

I have plugged away at the diamond quilt and it's all put together as a quilt top now. I love it! The size I made is on the small side, so I have an idea of how I will make the top larger. I consulted with Jack, my 10 year old color expert, and we've agreed that a solid magenta is needed to box in what I have. The pattern is by Jennifer from That Girl That Quilt and I am a pattern tester. It's so modern! I think she has a winner here.

Speaking of Jack ~ he met Tony Hawk this week. Ok "met" might be a strong word.... Stood next to! Tony Hawk and his skate crew Birdhouse were in Seattle, a must see for our skateboarding family. Ok I didn't go..but I was so excited for my husband and boys! I needed some "time away from a skatepark" that day. We have been to one every day for a few weeks now. (including that day, in the morning.) It's how my summer's go, and I love it. Jack dreams of being a pro skater and tells me I'm "helping his career" by taking him to the skatepark every day. Who am I to crush his dream! Next week we will check out Delridge Park in West Seattle.

I'm back to sewing the gingham curtains for the kitchen. The panels are done, and they are plenty wide but too short. So, I'll box them in with a solid yellow and pretend like that was the plan all along.

:-) Kris


  1. I love this quilt top, very bright and fun! I have to say, as someone who has never ridden a skateboard (but played all the games!), standing next to Tony Hawk would be pretty exciting.