Thursday, July 12, 2012

Catching Up

When I blog from my iPhone, the pics come up in random order ~ sorry! So here's a bit of randomness....

Is anyone else a Jef fan? I hope Emily choses him! Or I'll cry!! His company, People Water, looks really cool, too.

Duke sat in the yard waiting for hubby to walk home from work ~ great photo op for Duke!

My sk8 park half hexies are coming along, not sure what they will become, still.

I have a "plan" for the curtains. They are sewn in rows, waiting for me to have sewing time! :-(

Elvis is alive! yep he performed at our summer concert series in the park here in downtown Gig Harbor. I was in the front row. He stepped on Jon's (hubby) skateboard and smiled at us!



  1. Great looking sewing. I have no idea who Jef and Emily are though!

  2. I'm also clueless about Jef and Emily! I can't wait to see your hexies!

  3. loving those hexies. can't wait to see the curtains, and is this jeff and emily thing a bachelor tv thing? i don't watch it, we don't have tv! we use netflix and his dvd collection if we desperately need to sit and vedge, hehe.