Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Felt like felting

Our youngest, Jack, started the 5 th grade this year. He came home saying this may be his favorite teacher ever and he can't wait for tomorrow. (He says this every year!) I love his enthusiasm. I made a special treat for his first day and we celebrated with my in laws. I bent a cookie stick into the shape of the number 5 for 5th grade and put it on top of homemade banana pudding. Last year it was a 4 on a brownie, and he remembered that. I've started a new annual tradition!

So, I've heard about felting but never took the time to see how it is done. For some reason I would see something that had been felted and I thought, "that looks hard to do."

Enter my MIL who is the person who got me hooked on quilting. She and I were at JoAnn Fabrics looking for...well you know...nothing in particular, and she decides to get the basic tools for felting.

We gave it a try and guess what...super easy! Now she says she has a hobby she can do in the front seat (co pilot) of their RV. I pulled out a few scraps and gave it a try. Fun! What was 2 pieces of felt molded into one by sticking them over and over with that contraption full of needles.

In other big news, I sewed my first zipper! I made a pouch for my EPP "stuff". I thought the pok a dot would be the lining but surprised myself when it came out as the exterior! It feels great to be back at some projects. Next up are some kindle cases.



  1. The pouch looks great, even if the lining ended up on the outside ;o) Glad the return to school is going well!

  2. What a fun tradition! Your pouch looks great. I've never tried felting.....looks like fun!

  3. You should felt something and turn it into a pouch! Great job on the first time zipper!

  4. Your MiL better take care with those needles if there is some sudden breaking action!!

  5. I love your blog. I am new follower. Hugs from Italy