Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kindle Cases

I have been making some new kindle cases! 
Last year I made Jack a kindle case and a couple of his friends asked him if his Mom could make them one, too.  It took awhile - but they are finished! This one is for a WSU Cougar fan.
And this one is for a Cougar fan who also loves baseball.
Jack does his daily reading for school on his kindle and loves it. 
That's his case next to him that I made last year. And those are Duke's feet in the corner!

He wants an updated case and chose those fabrics in the bottom right corner of the picture  -
from my stash. 
He is so good at choosing fabrics.
I had several things going on here - excuse the mess! 

"Are we going to the dog park?"
He loves a car ride!
I've been making some changes to my blog - giving it a little TLC.  I hope it looks ok?
 I hope to add an etsy shop soon!

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  1. Those Kindle covers are great! I have always meant to make one for myself but still haven't managed to get around to it. I think you have inspired me to show my Kindle a little love! :)