Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quilt Completed with Pictures to Prove It!

Just realized I haven't posted pictures of a finished quilt.  Hard to believe I would forget since my "finishes" are so rare!  (I'm working on that.) The is my Bust Yo Scraps quilt from a QAL I started last winter with justabitfrayed.


I love QALs for many reasons, one of which is they are great skill builders.  I'd never made flying geese before and I made TONS of them for this quilt!  Another plus to a QAL is all of the new blog friends I have made through the posting of progress pictures on Flickr.   Check out all of the other versions of this quilt here on flickr!  One of my favorites is the one by lifeontheselvageedge. 

I tried a new method for attaching the binding on this quilt that I learned from! She is a new friend of  mine on InstaGram (where I spent my summer!)  While my blog was a bit neglected this summer I was full steam ahead on IG where I have posted TONS of pictures.  I know, surprise, surprise....she posted lots of pictures?!  Anyway what I loved about this binding method was I could sew one time and catch the front and the back evenly.  Thanks Becky for the instructions!

For the quilting, I hand stitched inside of each center snowball and square.  This was mostly accomplished at skate parks this summer!

The turquoise fabric is flannel and it is backed by a fun thrifted sheet that I love!

Speaking of love, I sent Mitch his first "box" at college!  It's his roommate's (and friend from high school) birthday on Monday so I filled it with fun party stuff like hats, horns, a banner and candy that they can share with the others on their dorm floor.  (Silly stuff )  Then had to add a serious gift for Phil (a sweatshirt from our skateboard shop) and finally, some fun stuff for Mitch.  Here's what I came up with:  office supplies (he asked for these), ping pong balls (replenishing his supply), his favorite potato chips (Maui Laui in the purple bag), and a gift card to Outback Steakhouse.  He tells me the on campus cafeteria has gotten progressively worse since the parents left.  Those sneaky campus cooks!  Oh, and I also put a picture of Jon and I in a zip lock bag with a note that says, "Don't forget us!" because doesn't every college freshman need a picture of his/her parents on their desk? HAHAHA!

Mitch and I when he was in 8th grade
Welcome to Alessandra from Italy! 
Duke and I finished up those kindle cases! I'll post some pictures next time.


  1. Your quilt is fabulous!!! Hope Mitch is enjoying college!

  2. aw. beautiful quilt, did you decide to keep it? mitch will surely frame that pic and put it front and center on his desk for all to see, hehehe :D

  3. I love your quilt the yellow is so bright and cheery! It is just such a happy quilt the back is yummy! I bet he keeps that picture close, every freshman has those I wish I was home moments.

  4. Great quilt! Bright and cheery!

  5. Love your bright quilt! The turquoise is lovely.

  6. Gorgeous quilt!! Love the scrappiness and the hand quilting!

  7. It's so fun to see the finish product! Love the hand stitching you did... that takes dedication! What a bright, fun, cheery quilt (the back is perfect!)