Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Zippers don't scare me anymore!

Today I finished my first open mouth zippered pouch! The pattern is from Noodlehead. It's so easy to follow!

I also gave Christie's baked donuts a try this morning and they were a hit! The link to her recipe is in my last post. I used my pear-plum sauce where she used apple sauce. I didn't have apple cider so used water. The sauce is so sweet and fresh (made yesterday) that they came out great! Thanks Christie!

I hope to make jam this afternoon but I'm at the laundromat doing 6 loads so we will see! I have lots more fruit to peel, which takes the longest of the jam making process.

Oh, another use for the fruit, a dessert of course. My family is in heaven over all of this baking. :-) needless to say, I was determined to get in an hour long walk with my BFF last night!

And Dancing with the Stars is back...Whoo hooo!

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  1. Your pouch is fantastic!! I love it. And such yummy goodies. I'd need to walk a lot!!

  2. Oh I love the pouch - I pinned the tute ages ago, but now I might have to make one too!

  3. So nice, love those vibrant colors!

  4. I am so glad you overcame zipper-fear and wow that pouch is stunning!!! And how cool that the recipe was a hit for you too. My mouth is watering thinking about your pear-plum sauce. Awesome!