Friday, September 14, 2012

A tisket, a tasket a patchwork.....

Today's project was made completely with scraps.  It's from Amanda Jean's book which I love by the way.  It all started when I read Cindy's blog this morning.  She did a nice book review of Sunday Morning Quilts and after seeing HER basket I decided to make one, too.  I used this pattern once before when I made Duke's dog bed.
I wanted the bed to have a box shape so I used the same instructions for boxing it in, then added the top piece.  This bed was inspired by a pattern of Amanda Jean's that is the cover of the book.  It's called, Candy Coated.
My favorite scraps were in a zip lock bag (I know!) I randomly sewed them together .
The left piece is cut into the four sides.  The right piece is the bottom.
I noticed the sun was out so a quick trip to Target was in order.
Back home it was time to quilt the pieces.  I'm loving this curvy setting on my machine!
Still ignoring the stack of "work in progress" items on the stool there, I continue on to finish my new scrap basket!
Love it!  I put the cardboard in the bottom but decided I liked the sides better without the cardboard. 
Even the bottom is cute!  When will anyone see this?  hmmm.
I'm definitely making more baskets!
I'm still working on the next care package for Mitch.  I've added a VW Magazine, mac n cheese cups, granola bars.....any more suggestions?!  I would love some ideas from those of you who have sent college students some care packages.  What would be fun? 
Duke and I walked in the dark last night and I took this picture. 
Love him!
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Hi Kris and Duke! Beautiful basket and Dukes bed is the best. Hugs to you both! x Teje

  2. I love your basket! Have fun choosing stuff for the care parcel xx

  3. Your basket is GREAT! Now I am going to have to make one!!! Very pretty pic of you and Duke......well you are pretty and Duke is handsome!

  4. Your basket is super cute, and I'd LOVE to make a dog bed like the one you made for Duke! Our big dog has one from Costco, but my little Menina should have something crazy-girly and homemade, I think. I've never sent a care package to a college student, but how about a Starbucks or iTunes card, or some peanut M&Ms? (Everyone likes those, right?) Or some small games?

  5. Its beautifully done, love the mix of colours!

  6. It's beautiful! Sounds like a fun project. :o)