Sunday, September 16, 2012

Added little handles...

I made another patchwork basket.
With my oldest off at college and my youngest at a birthday party sleepover,
my Saturday morning was a sewing morning. 
There is definitely a sense of satisfaction with starting and finishing a project in one day. 
These are my colors!  I can't help but gravitate to them. 
I recently made my kitchen curtains with these same colors!
The lining is on the left and the patchwork basket is on the right.  I sewed the lining in three times before I go it right.  I almost left it when I sewed it in backwards the first time.  I couldn't. I cut it out and then sewed it in backwards again!  What is wrong with me?  So the third time I started to sew it in backwards AGAIN, and stopped myself.  I even said out loud, "What are you doing?" 
I am glad I fixed it.  I just love that lining fabric. 
This guy waited patiently under the sewing table.  Then we were off to "Harbor Hounds" - a dog walk and park event in downtown Gig Harbor.  Duke received a reflector for his collar for our night time walks.  We walked the harbor and met all kinds of dogs.  Duke did the "sniff over" which is always embarassing but his way of getting to know his new friends. There were lots of booths advertising their services for dogs.  I came home with a pocket full of treats since he won't eat a treat from a stranger's hand.  
Duke's day was topped off with a vanilla ice cream cup of his own from Dairy Queen. He loved it!
Oh and the next best thing to having your teenager at home (napping on the couch last month), is to receive a picture from him when he is at college!
Taken two days ago.  He says he loves college life!
It's gotta' be the interesting class material, right?
I'll be linking up to Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations.
She's back tomorrow with Sew Modern Monday!


  1. I like the addition of the handles! Love those curtains!!

  2. haha! it surely is the interesting class material, he's probably learning a LOT! cute basket. pesky lining, how annoying!

  3. Love the basket and all the bright colours. Your sewing space is such fun!