Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sew Modern Monday

We have had an abundance of fruit, I can hardly keep up with it! I've been sewing and picking fruit for days now! I discovered that peeled and cored plums and pears, put together in the crockpot with a bit of cinnamon, make a great sauce!

I need to come up with more ideas though. Any suggestions are appreciated!
I have plums, pears, blackberries and blueberries. I'll use the tomatoes for salsa.

Edited to add: I'm making jam! I also will be making Christie's baked donuts!

There are still so many plums on the ground and in our trees!

We have had a beautiful Summer, and Fall is starting off sunny and warm! Duke even went for a swim this morning.

Such a pretty day for photos.

I finished another kindle case. This one is for my Dad. He has the first generation kindle so the length is a bit longer. I think he will get a kick out of this. He doesn't know it's coming in the mail.

I also spent some more time with this. I'm trying to put aside a few things for my Etsy store that I still haven't opened. I hope to soon.

I've spent some time on Pinterest creating a Doctor Who board. My college freshman is a big fan and my soon to be 11 year old is just getting into it. We plan to make it the theme of his birthday slumber party in late October. I'll be making all kinds of things: a tardis banner, party sacks, fish fingers and custard, sonic screwdriver snacks, Jammie dodgers, adipose plushy, what ELSE am I forgetting? My goal is to get a refrigerator box to make a tardis for the front door! Oh- bow ties for everyone of course. We need Doctor Who theme music for Sprite pong (unrelated but Jack discovered this game over the summer). Which episode to watch later that night? The main feature of Jack's party is a trip to the local Haunted House. This was a big hit last year. So stay tuned for party planning updates!

I'm linking up to Megan at Sew Modern Monday!

....and if you are in need of a Duke "fix" keep reading the next post is dedicated to Duke!



  1. I'm hoping to open an etsy store very soon too. I'm sort of setting Oct 1 as my launch. Exciting and scary!

    We live in southwestern B.C. (canada) so a similar location to you, and YES hasn't our September been glorious??

    Your sewing projects are lovely. The kindle case is great (which reminds me, my dad sort of subtly requested a case for his too!) and I just love the stars. Red & aqua are my favourites.

  2. Make jam from the plums and blue berries. I have often canned pears: Boil a pan of water and sugar (Not sure what the equation is, you might have to google that one, I usually do it not too sweet.) Cool that down, peel and core pears. Put them in jars, and pour sugarwater over top. Process in pan for probably 10-15 mins or so after it comes to a boil, and you've got canned pears, which can last you the winter and beyond. Good luck with trying to keep up with your fruit!

  3. Thank you Maria! I found some simple pear canning instructions here:

    I might have to try this.

  4. Another idea for pears and plums:

  5. Here we go! Pear/plum boiling jars. I'm making this!

  6. Your dad will love his new case - what a great daughter you are!

  7. For the Doctor Who episode I'd watch Blink. Scariest one that I've watched and loved all at the same time.

  8. Love the stars, they are so bright!