Thursday, September 13, 2012

Really Random Thursday

Of all of the pictures I have taken this week, this is my favorite.
I love this Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.  It reminds me of the first bass guitar we bought for our son, Mitch, when he was in elementary school.  It was green and white.
Family Weekend at Willamette is getting closer!  I miss our college Freshman.  I'm putting together the second box to send to him.  What should I send?  So far I have Costco "Ice" drinks, gummy bears, the gum 5 that he loves and a roll of quarters for laundry.
Every since I was hit by a car with Duke in the front seat next to me, he insists on riding in the back seat.  Sometimes he sits in the floor back there.  It breaks my heart.  I got him another puppy latte yesterday at Starbucks.  They offered it to me once when they were out of dog treats.  Now I ask for them.  They probably say, "Here comes that girl in the blue SUV with her dog again." 
 (It's whipped cream in a lid.)
I really wish I could write like this when I blog.
I have been listening to the radio (Pandora) while I sew and turning off the TV.  I love Jason Mraz.  I will make an exception when "Dancing with the Stars" returns later this month. 
I am very aware of scents lately.  Why is that?  I have "fresh water" scented plug ins in the house right now - love!  And a fall candle burning that I can't remember the name of.
Why is it I can never find an Apple charger in the house?  We should have 5 for our various gadgets.  I think there is only one floating around.  I don't understand why this is.
I want to do this spinning stars QAL.  I printed the directions and I might paper piece the triangles. I have a big stack of WIPs so I don't know....I am envious of quilters who start something and finish it before starting something else.  How do they do that?
spinning stars - let's do a quilt along!
I love everything that Anna Maria Horner makes.
I'm linking up to my pal, Cindy!


  1. A puppy latte! I can't wait to get Jada one. I get teased for taking her through the McDonald's drive thru for bacon. I'll never hear the end of this :)

  2. Your first photo is really amazing! I can see why it's your fave!

  3. I really love that first photo too! What an amazing shot.

  4. Love your photos, and your randomness. Perfection. Yes, Posie Gets Cozy is such a great writer, and photographer! Another one of my favorites is Monica from Quilt While You're Ahead. She says so much with few words.