Sunday, July 28, 2013

Christmas in July - Stitch that Stash

Want to join a Polaroid Swap?  I'm hosting...and you still have plenty of time!  The info is here.

I really have had fun with my sewing bee this year.  This month's blocks are ready to send off to Nicole in New York.   The trees went together fairly quickly while the snowman was quite the project - took a few days to do that one.  I realized that I am better off with a pattern than I am with improv because with improv I keep thinking, oh I could do this and oh I could do that!  The snowman was going to have a white background but then I thought a nice patchwork low volume would be fun.  So here they are!

Both are done with paper piecing and machine applique.  I went with a button hole stitch.  I did iron on a stabilizer to the back of the fabric before I stitched it to the patchwork.  It's a soft stabilizer that you would use for a tshirt quilt.

I thought about eyeballs on his face, but that led to a mouth, which then started to look too busy, so I left him faceless.  I thought that was a more modern look.  Nicole seems very much more modern that traditional.

So those are my two blocks for Nicole!

Recently I stopped sewing for about a week.  Yep, took a week off.  Now I can't seem to stop with new projects - and old ones! I have too many things going, really.  Yesterday I took the day for some girl time and went with my BFF, Sheila, to Vashon Island.  Oh, why yes I did go to the quilt shop there!  Island Quilters is THE MOST AWESOME SHOP!  It was a sunny day (we always mention that in these parts since it's never a given, even in the summer), so the scenery was just stunning!

There was a family laughing and chatting on that front porch which made us that a vacation rental?  It is located right next to the Light House.  What a fun place to stay for the weekend.  And maybe sew?

A clear view of Mount Rainier from the ferry terminal.  (To get to Vashon Island, we drive onto a ferry from Tacoma).

I spy a super cute porch and house!  Who wouldn't want to drink a glass of wine on that couch?!

My Country Store purchase - a new scarf!  I should have bought the green one, too.  $5!  Ya' can't make it for that!

With August around the corner I'm working on my bee block post for my sewing friends!  Here's the colors I've chosen for the skateboard quilt "girl style".

The center fabric is the inspiration for the colors.  It's AMH Forest Hills in Sweet.  Yellow, turqoise, purple, orange, soft pink, white.

In combination with it being my month for the bee, I'll also be hosting a polaroid swap, which will be open to anyone!  Fun, fun, fun!  My polaroid swap from last month was so much fun I decided to host one myself.  Here's what I received:

Want to join in the polaroid swap?  Stay tuned! I'm linking up with Let's Get Acquainted with Plum and June and I will be linking up to Fabric Tuesday at Quilt Story and Better Off Thread's Sew Cute Tuesday.



  1. Love your snowmen and those are really cute houses, who wouldn't love a holiday there?

  2. Cute snowman! Girly skateboard quilt sounds awesome!

  3. I love your snowman and trees! Beautiful.

  4. Your bee blocks are so fun!! I especially love the Christmassy snow man . That Island looks fabulous, and it's got a quilt shop too - definitely a great day out!!