Sunday, July 21, 2013

Summer fun

Mitch will be heading back for his Sophomore year at Willamette soon. He has RA (now called CM) training to attend so he will go back 2 weeks earlier than his students. We are TV shopping and somehow he always talks me into buying him some wine. That boy! The younger, more innocent son, is still skateboarding his heart out. Last night we saw The Princess Bride in our downtown park across the street from where we live. What a fun night - blankets, popcorn, and friends.

I started making July blocks for Nicole.. What a great idea she came up with. My month is August. I'm getting excited to share!

I've lost 25 pounds and it feels great.

Oh and I've filled out the online application to join the local Gig Harbor quilt guild. I might be meeting some local quilters soon - yippee!


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