Sunday, September 15, 2013

Do. Good. Stitches. / Dream Circle

I recently joined the Dream Circle of the charity bee Do. Good. Stitches.. I've wanted to join this bee for over a year, so when Lindsey posted on IG that the circle had an opening, I thought for two seconds and responded. I was sitting at a skatepark in Oregon and just happened to look at IG at that time. Lucky me!

Our circle donates quilts to Project Night Night, voted best children's charity by San Francisco Magazine.

Can you believe the September block request was a Polaroid block using 9 Polaroids? I happened to have them all ready to use.

I also participated in August and made these next two blocks:

Lindsey showed us this progress picture above. (Several stitchers' blocks) I love this quilt.

Project Night Night helps homeless children with a night night package, free of charge. Here is more info I found about this organization on their website.

Thanks to the Dream Circle for the invite to put a passion of mine to good use.


...and Duke...

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  1. Oh so fun. That is serendipitous about the polaroids, just got mine in the mail today! yay for do. good stitches!