Monday, September 30, 2013

Pencil Pouch Time

Jack's pencil pouch for this school year ripped already so Momma made him a new one! He chose the Family Guy fabric and I did my best to make it boyish looking. He was able to fit everything in it and said he loved it. Thank goodness I bought a million zippers at Fabric Depot last year when they were on sale for 25 cents each!

I'll be quilting the newest skateboard quilt today. Really loving this one. Jack wants to keep it. I talked him out of that by throwing out ideas for a new skateboard quilt. It's going to be awesome as Jack chimed in with some really creative thoughts. Can't wait to start it!

That wreath needed some green. I like it better now.

We are getting lots of rain! It's great baking and sewing weather. Jack made pumpkin cookie dough all by himself and I baked a few trays. Duke and I are taking walks in the drizzle. Fall is here.



  1. Drizzle is the worst!!!
    But having to stay indoors sewing isn't so bad xxx

  2. Oh I love a good drizzly day! So many nice indoor things to do. Mr. Duke makes a fantastic project model :)