Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall sewing

I'd let things go so much that I couldn't find any fabrics and I just didn't feel I emptied out our dining room book shelves and moved them to my sewing area. I reorganized everything!

The kitchen table has eclectic chairs of different colors around it so when I found the turquoise bench at Goodwill, I thought, perfect! It was the last month of our Stitch that Stash sewing bee and Kristi requested Halloween blocks. I made 4 blocks total for her but these two pumpkins were my favorite. Next up are two herring bone blocks for the Do.Good.Stitches Dream Circle.

We have soggy, flag football today. Go Jack!



  1. Reorganizing often restarts the creative mojo. The cooler weather has given me a kick start. Yay for Jack!

  2. I spy my quilt, thats just where I thought it should be x