Wednesday, October 23, 2013


October is birthday month at our house.  We celebrated mine a couple of weeks ago and now Jack is up next.  In between the two - were two other birthdays for which I made the Jeni Baker drawstring bag.  I love this pattern.  I've made at least 10 of them now.  This time,  I didn't box the corners.

This one went to my friend, Missy.  The fabric is the DSQuilts collection and was a gift from my dear friend in Idaho, Sheri, for my birthday.  

This next bag was for Jack's Language Arts/Social Studies teacher - her favorite color is green. 

It was dark this morning so hard to get good photos of this one.  Duke was being shy!  
We filled this one with her favorite cookies - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Jack is so excited for his 12th birthday.  It's tomorrow.  He opened one present early and wore them today.  They are from my Mom, who Jack says is "beastmode"!  Jack loves to wear crazy socks.  These have dinosaurs all over them.  He was thrilled!

As I looked through photos today, I found a bunch of my sweet Duke enjoying a day at the beach last month.  Here's Duke......!

I love it when he runs to me at lightening speed!  He loves me!



  1. This totally describes me with my pup Copper....It may fit you and Duke as we'll

    1. This was hilarious! Anyone who is crazy about their pet should read it. I do think about Duke being human behind those eyes. (I thought I was the only one!)

  2. I LOVE those DS quilts fabrics and have quite a few myself! Your new bag turned out great! I've made maybe 5 now and wish I had time for more - the pattern is so easy, and they're so versatile!