Saturday, October 12, 2013

You Are Here Swap

I signed up for the #URHereSwap hosted by Sukie a few weeks ago and boy, was it fun! In a nutshell, you fill out a form, get assigned a secret partner and a third person gets you. You send your partner a "You are here " Starbucks mug from the city where you live and you will receive one from somewhere else. If you/your partner provide other ideas on the form of small things you like, you can choose to send other little goodies. I had never even heard of these mugs but now I'm hooked...I want more! Mary Ann in Austin received my information and sent me a fabulous Austin mug and all kinds of other fun stuff! She went cra-cra!!

I sent my box to Lauren in Virginia. She said she liked ribbon and chocolate. I sent her Almond Roca which is made here locally, in Tacoma. I made some coasters, included various ribbons and sent Halloween baking cups and Thanksgiving stickers for her kids.

This was my first official swap to be in and I really enjoyed it. I've signed up for a mini quilt swap next, hosted by my friend Kristi at Schnitzel and Boo. I have been assigned my partner and she says she likes blue and green. I started working up something yesterday.

We are having great weather in the PNW. Yay for a break from the rain! Jack and I even made it to the skatepark today.

Kris <3

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