Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

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Hello again! It's been awhile. I thought I'd share my Valentine's Day inspired zipper bags and pot holders. It all started with a beautiful piece of home decor weight flowered fabric that I received in the mail from my Aunt Pat. I thought it would be great for zipper pouches. Once I started, I made a bunch and ended up selling them all! Maybe I should have kept one. Oh well. I can always make more! The pot holders were a custom set for my friend who requested them to give to other moms who assist her in teaching. I did keep that last pot holder and it's all finished.

I made two other pot holders for my Mom and MIL for Valentine's Day but I forgot to take pics. My Mom's is above in the third tray down. My MIL's was very similar. For these two, I did some free motion quilting! I'm getting a little better. (That bottom tray is a coaster I made for Mitch's girlfriend.)

Yikes, I know...this one is kind of a mess. It's just a practice scrap but you get the idea. A friend suggested practicing on paper to get the flow of where you are going with the design. It doesn't always come naturally. And the needle needs to be traveling at a consistent, almost fast, pace to keep the stitches even, so you have to have a plan in your head! Here's my practice page with pens.

Mitch and his girlfriend got a little valentine's day surprise from us.

Jack got a Seattle Seahawks t-shirt for Valentine's Day along with some sweet tarts --- did you hear they won the Super Bowl?!!!

This was his outfit for Spirit Day the Friday before the Super Bowl. He won top 20 most spirited at his middle school and went on stage for a treat. We made the hat! :-). How about some photos of Duke?

He and my friend's dog get along so well! We've been to the dog park a lot lately.

Wishing you a happy valentine's day!
Xoxo, kris


  1. very cute zipper pouches and I loved seeing all your doodles in your notebook!

  2. Happy Valentines Kris.
    Glad to see Duke is looking so well.
    Love all your heart makes, nice and bright and so you x

  3. Gorgeous touches! I really love your kitchen, so bright and cheery! Happy valentine's xx

  4. Dthat's meant to say pouches!! Oh and i like your doodles too!

  5. It's lovely to see Duke looking as handsome as ever!