Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Duke and the Braided Rug

I had so much fun with my son, Jack, reading your "Duke's thinking..." Comments from yesterday's post! If you haven't entered to win all the goodies, click here.

Some of our favorites were " have you seen her blog labels section? She loves me more than her boys " - yes even my husband is well aware of where Duke rates in this house... And "I think I need new head shots.. Is that my agent calling?" But there were so many others too, that had us laughing. I think I'll have to play this giveaway game more often.

Today I am taking photos to mark where the braided rug has grown to as of December 4th. I've decided to keep going with it and make it BIG. Thinking I might add some solid red into the mix next. Once again, Duke followed me out on the porch and landed in the photo shoot! He wasn't sure about the bells on the hat prop.

But I explained the hat was necessary to hide his, well, private parts. He looked away, slightly embarrassed.

He didn't like the Snowman either. It's heavy and seeing me pick it up startled him. So he sat on the far side of the rug. I traded one of my zipper pouches for the Snowman at the craft fair last weekend. Score!

Getting braver here but losing interest in the whole deal. I braided and stitched the rug while sitting at my booth last weekend. I heard lots of comments about how someone (old) in the family used to do that and how nice it was to see an old method being done again. I priced it high because I didn't really want to part with it, but for the right $, anything is for sale, right? And I'm not old by the way! I know some of you will relate to the old references whilst you knit, crochet, embroider, or quilt. "Oh, my grandma does that". Add to that my reading glasses to see what I'm doing and well, I may give the "appearance" of being "older." 8-)

After all that hard work duke needed a nap! I got him this blanket for $1 at the craft fair.

Well it was a post full of Duke pictures, after yesterday's post I thought it was appropriate.....now back to finishing up those Christmas stockings!

I leave you with a recent "Draw Something" photo I drew for Deb, my blogger friend! Wanna play? My user name is KrisCoulombe. I'm adding drawings to my blog posts now as a new ending ritual. :-)

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  1. I recognize that drawing! (And the beautiful family up in the corner!) :) LOL! Your braided rug is gorgeous! Glad Duke was brave enough to get close to the snow man (I've got a shih tzu who is afraid of the crumple of a potato chip bag but he will bark and lunge at big trucks while standing at the corner while on walks!)

  2. I think Duke's just relieved he didn't have to wear the hat...on any part of his body ;o) He's one gorgeous dog!
    P.S. Love the rug!

  3. I love Duke's expressions! Have you given us a tutorial for making the rug? I think I would like to make one.