Monday, February 25, 2013

The rug is braided!

It seems like it was awhile ago that I started this braided rug (my second) but I know it hasn't been a year. That's looking on the bright side! I've been enjoying stitching together the braids on the back of this rug while watching some evening TV. The Psych slumber party marathon was a blast! We DVR'd it and watched it over the weekend.

It was winter break this week which means Jack was off school. We went to Seattle for the day and I brought along Mr. Braided Rug for some photos.

This last photo is the back of the rug. Marginal Way is a skatepark built under a bridge. It's more of a "hard core" skatepark. There's no fancy park sign or entrance. In fact, we climbed on this bucket to get in!

We also checked out a new park near Capitol Hill which was fantastic, according to Jack.

He's skating a Welcome board now - they are the latest top seller at our shop.

I'm sticking to the running app and slowly learning to enjoy running. Here are my new shoes!

And my faithful running partner, Duke, come rain or shine!

My Mom has this mini Duke at her house in Texas now. She and Dad love their Grand-dog!

I am linking up to Plum and June's Monday lets get acquainted link up for the first time today.

<3. Kris


  1. LOL That last picture set just cracks me up! My dog would LOVE to take up running, but I'm afraid I'm not a fan. He does get a nice long walk each day :-). Nice shoes!

  2. Love the rug!! I think I might run if I had such cool trainers (although probably not, I'm a bit lazy!!). The skatepark looks cool, you are such a fun mum :)

  3. Loving the 'mad rug mom' image I have in my head!