Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Three Sons

Recently, after working on a school project involving hand stitching, Jack said he had forgotten how much fun it is to sew. He asked if he could use some of my fabrics to make me a surprise. I was excited to see what he would make!

It's a coaster! The brown and black fabric is flannel. I "had" a yard of it.....oh well this is certainly more important than anything else for which I might have used a full yard! It has lovely details in the little stitches, don't you think? And the flannel is quite absorbent! Two circles were stitched together and the heart was then appliquéd on the top. Go Jack!

Jack has been doing lots of drawing lately. He takes free lessons on YouTube. Here are some recent sketches he has done.

He sent the last one to his older brother in college. Silly Jack thinks Mitch might be consuming alcohol at college!

Speaking of college, a Care Package went off to my oldest son, Mitch, last week! Here's what I came up with this time:

Red Bull, Maui Laui chips, home made lemon bars and pumpkin cookies, granola bars, gold fish crackers, a green leprechaun hat, a green and white striped leprechaun tie, a new (nice, not leprechaun-y) shirt, a "Bear Claw" back scratcher (they are the Willamette Bear Cats... And yes he loved this), and a new Independent hat. How did I do? Should I have sent fresh fruit and vegetables? Maybe vitamins? Get real!

Jack, Pop, Mitch

Hope you are having a great week,

Kris (and Dog-son, Duke, having a DQ doggie dessert)


  1. So fun visiting! Such an artistic son!

  2. Could I have a care package too - although I don't know what half those things are!

  3. oh i love your posts so much! what a darling coaster, i went through my mom's fabric stash with her a year or so ago and she found several things had been cut into all randomly, we laughed hard about it! Jack's drawings are so neat, and how lucky mitch is to have such a thoughtful mom and brother!

  4. also digging the new blog background!