Saturday, March 9, 2013

Monthly Makes

First picture - February. Second picture - January...better late than never!

I am loving being in a sewing bee. Not only is it fun to learn of a new block, but also using someone else's taste in color is so refreshing. I find myself in a color rut sometimes, so one of my goals this year is to go out of my color comfort zone. Kristan asked for navy or gray with white for an Ohio star block. I am dreaming of a navy, gray and yellow nautical quilt now for my husband!

Back in January Deb chose the churn block in any color. Another great block!

But best of all it is wonderful to have the support and advice of friends who share your passion.

The four blocks next to the churn blocks (on the left) were my contribution to a quilt that our bee made for one of our members. She has breast cancer but the cancer doesn't "have" her! She is fighting it like a champ. I'll do a post soon about that.

The x-plus quilt top is now finished. I love the colors! (Oops, they are IN my comfort zone). I have a special scalloped edge planned which was inspired by the wonderfully talented, Mary. She was so nice to write me several private e-mails with how to do it! She also shared her inspiration, Sarah's blog, which I now follow!

The nautical shapes have become blocks and the blocks are rows! Hope to have a finished quilt next week. This is a class project for our school auction. Jack has loved this process and even said he wished the quilt was for us.

Love those scallops, Mary!

Kristan's February bee blocks bundle.

My husband, hanging out with Rob on his latest trip to Southern California!

My dog-son, Duke, being his cute self!

Are you on Instagram? I admit, it has become my favorite social media site. I am @Dukesayssewwhat if you want to meet there! Can you believe I have over 1300 pictures posted? Wowzers!


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