Thursday, March 28, 2013

X-plus plus scallops...

I have a finish to talk about tomorrow! I haven't posted about it yet - I waited! I'm so happy to have a finished quilt. Meanwhile, the xplusalong quilt top is nearly done. Here are some pictures!

The bias strip that goes between the center blocks and scallops goes on next. It is what holds those scallops in place (and pointing out). I ended up using a yellow from Violet Craft's line, Madrona Road, for the border. Jack chose it. :-). I really love this line - kudos to Violet!. Check out her link for some amazing quilts using this fabric line.

I'll be back tomorrow with lots of photos of a 5th grade class quilt that I made with Jack's class! Hurray, it's done!

<3 Kris


  1. Vof Duke! I want a couch with quilt & cushion as yours! Please tell your mom that her new quilt is going to be fantastic! Nero