Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting close...

Getting so close to finishing Jack's quilt top! A quilt that doesn't have pink in it...yes! This Saturday is the Maritime Parade here in Gig Harbor. It goes right by the front of our house, so awesome. All of our friends come out of the woodwork to visit us that day and park their chairs in our front lawn. I'll be serving Mimosas. I can't wait. This called for a pause in sewing to clean up our house. I love peonies, they smell so good. Got these at Costco and added flowers from our yard.

Have you seen Flickr lately? They have made some fantastic updates. I'm still an Instagram junkie. My blog posts have slowed down because of that. I'm creating a couple of IG albums by hash tagging. One is Jack skateboarding called #jackatpark and the other is of Jack's drawings called #jackmyartist. One day I will print the groups and have albums to give Jack from his childhood of his progression in his skating and his art.

I made Jack's teacher a paella and I took photos of all the steps for a blog post. I need to get that finished. I look forward to documenting that process for the kids. It is their favorite dish that I make.

<3 Kris

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  1. Fabulous skateboard quilt. Love the pattern.

  2. The skate quilt is looking awesome, flickr is not! X

  3. The skateboard quilt is awesome in so many ways! The unique design, the colours, the idea. Well done!