Friday, May 10, 2013

Liberty Challenge Update

I'm sewing up a table runner with Liberty fabric - my Liberty challenge "progress report" is today! I decided to try plastic hexagon templates. The instructions say to use a gathering stitch on the back. I am used to just tacking corners on paper templates. This presented a challenge as the fabric would slip around the plastic. I'm not sure I like the plastic! Any tips?

I really enjoy the circle appliqué! Mom and I had a rhythm going while she was here. We used the AMH technique for the circles, wrapping fabric around cardboard, then foil, then iron. I cut the circles, mom wrapped and foiled them, then I would press them. This is the quilt I mentioned on IG that is a "new" color scheme for me! It's softer colors and has more blue than usual.

Mom axed her original green, yellow and salmon plan (after sewing two blocks - lol!) and went with red, gray and black. She is making this quilt for my brother. My Dad has texted me pictures (proof) that she is now working on it back at her home. Go Mom!

Before I mentioned I might make party favors for the friends who came over for Mom's birthday party. I did! They are fabric candy bowls. Here's one:

It's porch weather here! Mitch is home for the summer from college. This is the time of year that those of us who live in the Pacific North West of the United States LIVE for! Sunny days, 70 degree weather and our rhododendrons (state flower) are in full bloom. We have pink, red, white and peach ones surrounding our front porch. Duke loves to hang out there and doesn't go down the steps unless he is told he can. Wine on the porch anyone? Mitch always says "yes!"

I'm linking up to the Liberty challenge at Bold Goods!


  1. Your circles projects look pretty - all color schemes, even the abandoned one. How wonderful to share a project with your Mom. Love the porch photos with your dog!

  2. Those plastic hexies sound horrible!! I love the satisfaction of ripping out all the papers at the end and chucking them in the bin!

  3. Yes please, wine with you and Duke sounds great! Your project with circles is beautiful! I think that even my papers were slippery when making octagons. Good luck with your hexagons! x Teje

  4. Love the liberty palette you chose! The pop of green is so fun. Sorry those templates are acting so badly! I have no recommendations :(

  5. i love everything! the circles look fun, so glad your mom is sewing along with you! how cool. as for the plastic templates, i found using starch made "folding" the fabric around the template much easier, and i used basting stitches on the back, one at each corner instead of the gathering stitch it says to do. i hated running out of them, though, so I use cardstock now. good luck, can't wait to see your liberty project!