Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Give Me Liberty!

Some friends of mine are hosting a sew-along with Liberty fabric. The "finish" deadline of whatever you want to make is in about a week and there will be a link up then. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful Liberty projects. I ordered a small scrap pack along with a yard of Anna Maria Horner's cotton/linen blend to join the party!

These are the blue and greens from the package.
** One of these fabrics is not Liberty, can you guess which one? **. The first comment that guesses correctly gets a prize!

I'm going to English Plastic piece some hexagons and make a table runner. Did you catch the "plastic" my EPP friends? I got a package of plastic (reusable) hole in the middle hexis with my 40%off coupon! Anxious to see how these work out. Until now I have cut my own papers and the sides always seem to be a tiny bit off. I even have a hexi ruler thingy but can't get them perfect. Clare would say that is ok because you can fudge with it when you stitch them together but I've seen her work up close and let me tell you it is perfect and lies completely flat as a pancake on the seams. She's amazing! Where was I? Oh yes I have my materials and I'm ready to join the party. But first.....another party.....Mom's still here and her birthday is tomorrow so I am throwing her a dinner party tonight with 8 of my close friends that she now knows too. She's doing the cooking - is that tacky? Ha! She makes fantastic tacos so she will do the meat and shells and the rest of us will be contributing food and drinks. It will be merry! I have pink decorations (her favorite color) ready to go. I envision doing a little modge-podge party favor project this morning but I'm not sure. If I'm successful I'll post pictures.

My IPhone won't store anymore pictures for some reason so my picture taking has slowed down a bit. While I don't have a picture of Duke for this post, let me assure you he is still as CUTE as ever!!!



  1. The light cyan and green dot print! It's an imposter!! But blends well. So
    Glad you're joining us!!

  2. Boo Krista for getting there before me!! Looking forward to seeing your make :) they are gorgeous fabrics!

  3. Hehe I like that I'm mentioned in the same sentence as fudge mmmm.
    Print them out!!!

  4. Loving your Liberty - damn the time zones, and cheeky Krista!