Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Dizzy Diamonds Quilt!

I was lucky enough to get an advance copy of Jennifer's new pattern last summer and be a "pattern tester" for her. The pattern is her Dizzy Diamonds quilt pattern. I love it!. I've just finished quilting it. Here are some photos taken on a bright, sunny day.

It was a pleasure to make. I used a combination of designer fabrics for the diamonds and then added a large, flannel border. The back is really another "front" of strips. I quilted it with large diamonds. Love how they show on the back. The quilt measures 70x54 inches. I am thinking about opening my etsy store with this quilt...finally! It's also tempting to keep it. It's totally my favorite colors!!

Jack's team won last night! :-)

I'm linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish it up Friday at Crazy Mom Quilts tomorrow! Whoo hoo...I just love a "finish" - don't you?



  1. Utterly gorgeous and the quilts not bad either lol!
    No seriously I love this quilt, it's so you. I love the back as much as the front, and I'm not into backing.
    ps. just showed The husband that last pic of Duke, priceless!
    I want a Dukie doggie!

    1. Hurry up and get your dog-son or dog-daughter! I recommend the pound for adopting a stray. Duke was 4 months old and in a pound when we found him. He will be 8 on June 18! We gave him my husband's birthdate so they share!:-) my idea....not hubby's - lol!!

    2. I'm still trying to work my way around my husband, will def be from a shelter though!

  2. Love that pattern, and your quilt looks great, (I bet you keep it!) x

  3. It turned out beautiful! I quilted mine with diamonds too and love the way they look on the back.

    Way to go to Jack and his team!

  4. From someone who struggles with half rectangle triangles, this looks like quarter rectangle triangles. I.E. MUCH HARDER! I hope it is easier than it looks.

  5. Yay Jack!!!! And that sure is a beautiful quilt!!

  6. awesome! i love it, so pretty and fantastic. duke is a doll, as usual. congrats to jack!

  7. I'm always up on your project on IGram, but popped over here today to add you to my Bloglovin list. Love this quilt--so bright and beautiful, and congrats on the win for Jack's team!

    Elizabeth E.

  8. Congratulations on your finish!

  9. That is a great quilt, Kris! So bright and playful!