Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Skateboards WIP

I've started making blocks for Jack's skateboard quilt. He made a pattern for me - last summer! Better late than never. My Mom is helping - anything for her grandson. We were skater Mom and skater Grandma at a Seattle park yesterday. One of Jack's favorite pro-skaters was there - our lucky day!

We had clam chowder at THE best chowder place on Post Ally in Pike's Place Market. I got the special which had chorizo in it. Yum! I was impressed with myself for finding the way from the skatepark to Pike's Market. I only turned the wrong way down a one way street once! It explains the strange look a guy on the corner gave me as I turned right - to come face to face with traffic... Oops!

Back in the harbor with our boats in the water and traffic always going in both directions we are having a sewing day. Mom made coasters! She was going to make a rug but took the easy way out. Sshhh!

Have you seen the Liberty Sew Along with Krista? Go here for details! Nicole is her partner in crime - it sounds like fun so of course, I'm in, and there is a deadline which always keeps me on track.

I think it's time to make a list of my WIPs again!

;-). Kris


  1. My boys can sympathize with your son... I have made and given away so many quilts and neither of my boys have their own quilt made by Mommy (I made them fleece blankets to pacify them :)
    Best of luck with the skateboard quilt! Looks like fun.

  2. The skateboard block is genius. Love it.

  3. You ladies are doing great!
    I'm Liberty-ing-along too xxx

  4. Love that skater block! You are the best!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. That skateboard block looks awesome! SO exciting that your son met a famous skater!