Thursday, April 18, 2013

X and Plus Top is Finished!

I'm excited to have a big finish to link up to Amanda Jean at Crazy Mom Quilts.

I hand stitched those strips last night while watching Psych - our favorite family show. I went with pink and purple after my IG friends voted on various colors! It's always nice to get feedback from friends. It's like we are all gathered around my kitchen table, deciding, when in reality we are all over the world.

It's rather colorful - I know this, but I do love it! It's so me!!

I have decided that my next quilt is going to be completely different fabrics - more blue, less pink and more small prints. Liberty perhaps? I've already started posting pics on IG. You can see them in my sidebar, possibly.

Dad has returned to Dallas but my Mom is still here for two more weeks. We are busy sewing. What fun! She also pitched some whiffle balls to Jack yesterday. I HAD to photograph that! I can't think of anything she wouldn't do for her grandsons and her grand dog.

Mom sewed a coaster for Duke that she is calling his "treat mat"! Crumbs? No problem! Chomp away, Duke!!


  1. Why an awesome finish! Looks fabulous! (And gotta love the peekaboo Jack!) Have a fun time with your mom!

  2. Its so lovely especially the 'Molly' scallops!!
    Happy Weekend x

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous!! And I love your mom. You can tell her I said so!

  4. Love that Cross-X quilt! And those colors are soooo YOU!.

    Fun to have your Mom here. I just got back from a visit to my Mom and am happy to have her around for visits and phone calls. You both are real beauties!

  5. talk about a stunner!!! it IS so very you. and i LOOOOOVE it! also love your kitchen i mean sewing room, it's so awesome. glad you're having fun sewing with your mom, and i look forward to seeing your liberty project!!

  6. Found you via the linkup. I LOVE your quilt! The colors look great. I wouldn't have thought I'd like leopard print in a quilt, but it totally works. Fantastic job!

  7. Fabulous finish! I love these colours!!!

  8. Hi Kris and Duke! This is so beautiful quilt with all the happy colours! Great pattern which I hope to do one day. Hugs from Teje and Nero