Monday, April 15, 2013

Road Trip

We had a great weekend in Oregon visiting Mitch at Willamette. Mitch gave my parents the grand tour of his campus. It was fun seeing his room again. Why isn't it this clean and organized when he is home? What really surprised me was that he put a picture of his Dad and me in the center of his desk. (Ok yes I sent him the picture after he had left but I thought it would end up in a drawer!). He even promised that he hadn't put it there that morning. ;-). He really does love us! His room has quite an ambiance with the flag over the overhead light, Christmas lights and a fireplace - with jazz music playing on his turntable. What a life...

We stopped at Battleground Skatepark on the way down and had a picnic. Mom and Dad couldn't remember their last picnic. I had fun showing them the ropes of a family member of a "skater".
-don't cross the park in front of other skaters' lines
-don't shout for Jack, it embarrasses him
-dress warm, but avoid bright colors
-get the shot by the third try, at least!

I did get my 30 minutes in a quilt store on the trip. Love this one in downtown Salem. The shop dog (standard poodle) was 9 that day so customers received a 9% discount.
I'm cutting it up for an EPP project for skateboard parks.

Then it was back home for a Mariners vs. Rangers game.

It's Spring Break - we come!



  1. that looks like such a fun vacation! so glad you had fun, and got to stop at a quilt shop, yay! i stopped in at one in des moines once during a roadtrip and they were having some kind of huge sale, it was packed! love it when that happens. hi duke!

  2. Y'all are always having so much fun. Great inspiration for me to be a fun momma too!

  3. Lots of fun things you've been up to. I got told last weekend not to shout out for my daughter when she's playing netball. She's 9! I like to be an active watcher. I'm not good at being a silent observer, lol.