Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thank you Clare!

I've already exchanged emails with Clare thanking her for the beautiful mini quilt and the awesome surprise for my boy, Duke! Isn't it gorgeous? I was thrilled to win it from her blog give away. The mailman delivers to our house first, then to our shop 8 doors down. He told my husband, "Your wife got a package from overseas." Whoo hoo I knew what that was! It now sits on an antique table in my entryway along with Jack's roses art piece, which I framed. Duke's beautifully stitched patch is soon to become part of his newest scarf.

Mom and I are sprucing up the porch for springtime. She's also hard at work on her coasters and her circles. Today she sewed a circle through the fabric to her sweatpants! She also said, "I hope I finish this before I die." We are laughing our way through her visit. Isn't she sweet here baking peanut butter cookies? She has always been quite the baker. I've worked some more on the skateboard quilt and I have THREE circles sewn on my circle quilt. It's practically done!! (Not really, of course). It's the hoop hanging on my fabric shelves. Mom has bought two wall clocks since staying with me. Apparently we didn't have enough of them. I'm getting used to the "tick, tick, tick" in our upstairs bathroom. Our latest find was a steal at TJ Max - $13! It's the new clock in the living room. It's great during the day but in the evening you can't see the face of it! We've gotten a good laugh out of what a "find" it was! :-) Between my cell phone and my iPad I always know what time it is.

It's time to sew!



  1. love it! you're so lucky to have a selfsewn artifact, you'll treasure it im sure! duke looks aorable as always, im glad you and you rmother are having a blast!

  2. Ahh nice job! It's so strange to see something I've made in someone elses home!
    Squealing like a school girl at the Duke and the label, it's like he knows?
    We have a new wall clock, I like hearing the movement, makes me feel nostalgic.
    ps. my husband was a skateboarder!