Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Going once, going twice...sold!

The 5th grade auction quilt sold for $200. I was really hoping it would reach $200 (or higher) so I am happy. :-)

My parents are here for Easter and Spring Break. They had so much fun at Christmas that they returned! Mom and I are playing with fabric, working on Jack's skateboard quilt. Dad and I enjoy long walks - sometimes in the rain, with Duke never far behind (or ahead). We walked the Tacoma Narrows bridge which I have always wanted to do. Jack missed school to come along, skipping and running ahead of us. He is always the entertainer! We crashed the 5th grade field trip to the symphony ~ loved it! They are also attending Jack's Little League games, cheering him on. We are off to Oregon this weekend.

Spring break is actually next week for Jack. Dad has to get back to Dallas but Mom is here for 6 weeks total. Hurray!

It was a sunny day so we took lots of pictures of the diamond quilt. I will post them tomorrow!



  1. What a fabulous post!! So happy that your parents are there having a great time with you! Contrats on raising $200.00!!

  2. Sounds like an awesome time with your parents there. Well done on te quilt auction xxx

  3. ooh love this post and your Moms fabrics!!